While the Moon ate a Croissant

(Cross posted on weatheringthecity)

We played “Telephone Pictionary” (aka the greatest game in the world) while the East Coast Low was gathering force across Sydney on June 4. The players were Craig J, Maria W, Chris M, Sophie G and Peter.

The rules are as follows: Everyone writes a phrase. Pass clockwise. Someone tries to draw the phrase. Pass clockwise. Someone attempts to interpret the drawing as a phrase. And so on until the pile of paper is returned to the original phrase writer. “Telephone” is the US-English name for “Chinese Whispers” a dubious/racist name for what is quite a funny game purple monkey dishwasher.

Our attempt to communicate “The Paris Agreement” around the group yielded a gem. Although I’m not one for total cynicism about international agreements, the complete nonsense into our version of “The Paris Agreement” descended yielded some laughter amidst a powerful storm, during the hottest year on record immediately after the signing of this apparently important international agreement on Climate Change.

IMG_20160610_110308463 IMG_20160610_110314240 IMG_20160610_110323068 IMG_20160610_110328623 IMG_20160610_110334307 IMG_20160610_110340487