Update – November 2017

2017-04-30 17.37.49We have found it hard to maintain the blog in 2017. Life became busy, surgery, travel, gardening, work and, for the primary blogger, other writing took over (like a book, for instance). It also seemed less urgent to write in this forum, for good reasons. That the body of knowledge being generated by a community of urban/suburban yard retrofitters was already big enough. But really, it just was one thing too much in life. That said, as well as being a resource for others, we also think the documentation is just useful as a way of organising notes, cataloguing investments and developments in the garden. It also reflects investment in the garden, and with other things going on those investments have been varied. With Craig largely carrying the shovel!

On that, we are actually moving out of our Earlwood rental mid-December 2017. We will document the end-process here and also upload a gallery of images from our final year at the Farm.

Stay tuned…