erskineville was a project by Craig & Jennifer for Tiny Stadiums 2013. The project was inspired by the branding decision of Woolworths to simply name its Erskineville supermarket erskineville. The work was part walking tour, part installation that played with the corporation’s hubris to explore notions of public space, privatisation, global supply chains and urban farms.

The work had three parts. We produced a pamphlet to highlight the conceptual and political dimensions of the project. “The Renegade Potplant” had two editions over the two weekends of the festival, telling stories and pushing a particular political agenda. Click here for edition 1 and here for edition 2.


The Renegade Potplant

We encouraged participants to reimagine and draw how Erskineville could feed itself without Woolworths, with a variety of amazing suggestions from salmon runs down the roads, to a complete and complex reimagining of the entire suburb.


erko4-p erko6 erko7 erko10 erko19 erko20

And finally, we took people on a walking tour of the backyard farms of the area, exposing the potential for a different kind of engagement with place and food production, even with the limited space of terrace courtyard gardens.


Front yard micro-farm


Minty bricks


Dr Bond’s Micro Backyard Farm (+ homemade dumplings for participants!)


Chris Miles. Inspirational Back&Front yard microFarmer and Plant Whisperer.