Sole Food

Sole Food – Sole Food transforms vacant urban land into street farms that grow artisan quality fruits and vegetables..

We are thinking a lot about how to farm the city at the moment. This is a pretty interesting and inspiring project. We learned about through Kirsten’s ever-informative Milkwood blog. In thinking about different models for Urban Ag, the Sole Food model really does seem viable: custom and easily portable planter boxes offer a sustainable business model. But it also captures something sadly true about the ambition to farm in the city: farms will inevitably be moved on, soil (if there is any) is possibly contaminated and that it is impossible to compete with big developers.

We really want to dig down into the soil of the city. There is something seemingly radical about actually tilling the earth and planting in ground. It suggests permanence, like laying a stake in the future of something, not just sitting on top of it waiting for the future to move you on. Nevertheless,  Sole Food is both a realistic and optimistic business model and inspiring that such large scale farming can be achieved in a city that is as expensive (if not more so) than Sydney.