We were honoured to have Professor Deborah Bird Rose come to the farm yesterday to perform a cleansing ceremony, in preparation for a ritual blessing we will have at our Farm Warming party in a couple of weeks time. We asked whether or not “smudging” is an indigenous American tradition. Debbie said that fire was an integral part of most indigenous cultures. Sage is native to North America, so perhaps smudging with sage links to an Indigenous American tradition, but that you can use local leaves to reference the land you are in.

Green Eucalypt Smoke

Green Eucalyptus Smoke
Debbie and the Fire

Debbie and the Fire

Special smudge stick of iron bark, tree fern, tea tree and a little bit of sage

Debbie made a smudge stick of iron bark, tree fern, tea tree, with a little bit of sage especially for Craig.

When not volunteering her time to help us make this house a home, Deborah is an inspiring environmental humanities scholar. She has a particular interest in animals and the tragedy of extinction. Her article on human relations with Flying Foxes is an engaging reflection on our need for these incredible creatures. She also co-edits the new journal Environmental Humanities.