Field Notes (Summer 2016/2017)

BIRDS We have lots of avian visitors from sulfur crested cockatoos to fairy wrens to magpies to…


Field Notes (Spring 2016)

SUMMARY: For three of the last four years, Spring has been a bit of a full on…


Field Notes (January to June)

In Alphabetical Order: AQUAPONICS: Craig finished the aquaponics system this year (with assistance from Rosie, Mattias &…


While the Moon ate a Croissant

(Cross posted on weatheringthecity) We played “Telephone Pictionary” (aka the greatest game in the world) while the…


Earlwood Farm’s Christmas Message

Earlwood Farm is a sharehouse with a garden, but we also produced a series of events off-site…


Becoming Green, literally (or, the upside of constant satellite surveillance)

I find it easy to forget that there are little machines orbiting the earth taking photographs of…


Cluckingham Palace and the Rabble of Spring Plants

For a while we weren’t sure whether to call our new chook house Cluckingham Palace or not….


How to cook “Dutch Babies”.

“How to cook dutch babies” sounds like something out of a Grimm fairy tale, but it is…

Baba Ganouj (RIP) and Daria free ranging amongst the dandelions in mid-2014

2015: Accept Feedback

I have to blame the baby. Part of the time I spend with Stanley used to be…